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About This Video:
Creator: Taylor Rainosek
The Readosaurus is a stuffed animal that children read aloud to. Readosaurus’ software technology assesses the child’s reading strengths and weaknesses. It is able to diagnose issues that children struggle with while reading such as fluency, decoding words, and comprehension. It is able to calculate accuracy of reading and words per minute. It is also able to determine what level of book each child can read at. This diagnosis will be provided to the teachers and parents. When the diagnosis is given to the teacher they are able know exactly what problem the student is struggling with while reading. Thus, they are quickly able to target a student and offer them direct help that will improve their reading proficiency. To introduce the Readosaurus to the class each year, the teacher will read a story book about the dinosaur stuffed animal. The kids will know that all year long they will be reading to this “stuffed animal friend’’ and as they read to him he will generate a reading report for the teacher.
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