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About This Video:
Creator: Trent Tate
Have you ever wondered what outer space is like? More and more people are asking the same thing about the wonders beyond Earth. In fact, the space industry has been transitioning away from government projects into more private sector involvement. Companies are emerging to make space exploration more accessible. There is a growing market in the area of CubeSat technology that has grown to a multi-billion dollar market in just a few years. CubeSats are small, nano satellites with a standard 10 cubic centimeters in size that commonly use off-the-shelf components for reducing cost. Scientists are asking for CubeSats to perform experiments in low Earth orbit. DVDT has designed a turnkey product for this large market called the TSat. The current design of the TSat utilizes a scalable chassis and modular embedded electronics system allowing for complete modification to the customer’s experiment needs in low Earth orbit. DVDT is in partnership with the ESET program, T STAR, and NASA JSC to accelerate this venture. The TSat enables space exploration and brings all of us one step closer in discovering the final frontier.
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