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Are you a tech startup? Create a fun and engaging video about your company and be seen by some of the most influential people at SXSW Interactive!




Fame + HATCH appeal




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About This Contest:

Hundreds of startups will be attending SXSW trying to get some exposure for their company and mission. Qukku has partnered with HATCH Pitch to give contest-winning companies a chance at 1 minute of glory in front of a highly influential audience.

Here's how to get involved: create a video to help viewers and fans understand your idea in a creative and engaging way. Making a pitch on a web cam is not what we are looking for! More like a laid back or funny video about your idea, company, and/or team. Just have fun with it! Once your video has been submitted, gather votes from friends, family, and anyone else you can - because the video with the most votes wins!

The top three videos will be shown at the HATCH Pitch event in front of their amazing audience of over 200 + well-connected investors, entrepreneurs, and judges! Creating something fun and engaging will capture the attention of this amazing audience and give you an extra boost of exposure at this noisy conference.

Voting close time is based on Central Standard Time (CST).

The top three videos with the most votes will be displayed during HATCH 2013 at SXSW Interactive in front of a room full of super cool and influential people that are looking to uncover the next big thing. That's right ... your video will command the attention of an overflowing room of 200+ people.

Total Prizes:

Fame + HATCH appeal
Rules and Requirements:

---Video should be less than 1 minute long. If your video is a winner and is longer than 1 minute, we can't guarantee that the whole video will be played.

---Winners are determined by the most votes.

---Must be a technology startup company launched after January 2011 with less than a 2 million dollar investment. You don't have to be applying to HATCH to participate but if interested, applications can be submitted here:

---While not required, we would like you to add your Qukku contest page link to your YouTube video description so that we can verify that you are the content owner as well as to promote your video.

FYI - the main contest link is

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