What is Qukku?
Qukku’s platform enables organizations to crowdsource ideas. Internal and external creators, collaborators, and voters voice, rate, and elevate the best ideas to the top. It's fun and rewarding!

How does Qukku work?
We work with fun sponsors that are looking to engage with their internal and external stakeholders to develop an inspiring contest topic and throw in some fantastic prizes. From there, our community of creators gets to work creating their masterpieces and submit them to the contest. Since the video with the most votes wins, the creators spread the word to their online networks and solicit votes from their friends and fans. The more people a creator shares their video with — the better their chances of winning. Voters that come to the site to support a friend are encouraged to watch other videos in that contest and in other contests – sharing your videos with a whole new audience.

Short Outline of the Process

  1. Challenge sponsors contact Qukku to discuss initial contest topic and prize ideas
  2. Formalize contest details and submit final info to Qukku
    1. Contest details include: topic, prizes, start and end date, special rules or restrictions, explainer or example videos to include, long and short contest descriptions
  3. Contest goes live on site for specified period of time
    1. Promote via any available media resources
  4. Upon contest close, Qukku will review final vote tallies to check for funny business
  5. Winners are announced and prizes are distributed

How much does it cost?
Our cost structure varies depending on the size of the brand and scope of the engagement. Please contact us to discuss your particular idea!

What’s included?
We help contest sponsors throughout the process from assisting in developing a topic that will resonate with video creators to selecting unique prizes and assisting with prize fulfillment and 1099s.

What’s in it for a sponsor?
Running a video contest on Qukku gives a sponsor an invitation to interact in a natural way with their fans and followers. The videos that are created on a brand’s behalf are shared with the creator’s social networks and are seen by people outside of a brand’s typical audience. At the conclusion of a contest, the sponsor will have access to licensable consumer generated video content as well as analytics detailing how many people were exposed to the contest as video creators and video viewers.

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