Meet the Team
Stephen White (CXO)

In addition to developing his previous startup (an ebook company KnowScroll), Stephen built an international mission program solving significant education and social issues in the rural highlands of Guatemala. Like a tech startup, this required the skill and dexterity to build the proper team culture, design and communicate an engaging vision across distance, and rapidly execute to prove meaningful results.

Greg Wright (CTO)

While at Accenture and CSC Greg architected Dynegy’s online energy trading systems and performance engineered the highest volume SAP installation. As CTO for a wireless startup he used these skills and his offshoring knowhow from Sapient to develop a low cost, high performance, secure transaction system. As director of IT Acceleration at the Houston Technology Center, Greg created the Ignition bootcamp and founded the HATCH startup pitch competition at SXSW Startup Village.

I am a software engineer with experience in streaming media and search. I have spent a considerable amount of time rewriting TV search from the ground up using Lucene. Although much of my experience is with .Net, I have also spent time with open source technologies like NodeJS and MongoDB. I am looking to expand my knowledge and continue writing quality software.
Reyna is originally from Washington D.C. and came to Houston to study at the University of Houston. While there, she got a degree in Management Information Systems, and participated in the first class of the RED Labs accelerator program. During the program, she co-founded, a website dedicated to preserving families stories for future generations. Reyna is currently working as a UX Designer at, a Houston based start up focused on changing the way people interact with brands by connecting them to video creators and viewers through brand sponsored contests. When she is not coding or designing, Reyna spends her time supporting other startups, such as Fyromania and MobileMuffin, and playing music all around the Houston area.
He knows everything you don't!
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